Key Stage 3

At KS3 the students spend ten weeks each year in each of the four subject areas: Resistant materials; Graphics; Food Technology and Art. The courses follow the National Curriculum guidelines for Technology and Art. ICT is embedded into each programme of study.

In Years 7 and 8 the students learn safety procedures and basic skills. Two homework tasks are set each week, which reinforce the classroom learning, develop study skills and encourage independent work.

In Year 9 the students undertake an end of Key Stage Task in each subject area. These assess the students’ skills, ability to plan and work independently and the National Curriculum level attained.


Key Stage 3

The students work within the rotation of Technology. They are enabled to develop skills from observation. They encourage students to keep a sketchbook to collect and record ideas. Students use a range of media and techniques to express their feelings and communicate meaning. Students are taught about influential artists and how to use this knowledge to enrich their own work.

Key Stage 4

KS4 ART is a two year course consisting of three lessons per week. Students have access to appropriate resources and clear deadlines are set. Individual targets are set for each student. They have to complete two pieces of coursework, one on Pop Art and the other on Surrealism. This goes towards 60% of their final mark. 40% of the marks are based on a 10 hour practical exam. Students are well motivated and they achieve pleasing results. Many students go on to follow A level courses in Art.