Post16 ICT

ICTdelivery at Post16

ICT is an essential basis for all students at Post-16. The school recognises the need to develop every student’s key skills whilst studying at this level.students will be provided with necessary support to use ICT to support their respective GNVQ, AS and AVCE courses. This be provided through discrete ICT Key Skills lessons for all post students with a context based either on their own subject at GNVQ or via General Studies and also AS contextual opportunities.

Specialist Post16 courses

In addition students can study the following dedicated ICT programmes at Post16:A GNVQ Intermediate level course last for 1 year.A 3 unit Advanced Vocation Qualification (AS level) which lasts for 1 yearA 6 unit Advanced Vocation Qualification which lasts for 1 year or 2 years (equivalent to a A2 award)A 12 unit Advanced Vocation Qualification which lasts for 2 years (equivalent to two A2 awards)Specialist post16 facilitiesAt BWCS two dedicated post 16 facilities have been installed to serve the increasingly popular ICT courses at this level. Specialist software and computer lab facilities allow students to take advantage of active learning opportunities.

ICT is at the heart of learning

The school enjoys excellent computer facilities and a team of specialist ICT staff to deliver a wide range of post 16 ICT courses.

  • With over 400 machines (1 computer to approximately every 3 students) individual computer access offered to all students in all ICT core lessons.
  • Fast filtered (protected) Internet and curriculum networked facilities (printing, scanning or digital imaging).
  • Individual filtered Email accounts allocated to all students.
  • Remote access to saves area from home via the schools established
  • learning portal
  • Excellent software provision -providing access to a wide range of generic software (Microsoft Office related) and subject specific throughout all curriculum areas.
  • Open access to ICT facilities during and after school hours.
  • Laptop access to students during school hours.
  • Digital video editing facilities