Performing Arts

Key Stage 3

Drama, Dance and Music are the three subject areas that make up Performing Arts and all are taught in a practical way for two lessons per week in KS3

All lessons are planned to develop both the childs imaginative processes and develop skills in all the three areas

Performing Arts is taught in specialist rooms by specialist teachers, there are opportunities for instrumental lessons and extra curricular clubs. it is an area of the school curriculum of which they are very proud that helps chidren progress in a very particular way.image1

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students will follow an Expressive Arts course. This is a modular course made up of three units: Group, Individual and Community. Each unit is marked separately throughout the duration of the course and a grade awarded at the very end, following a practical performance.

All students need to show that they have studied, gained skills and developed ideas across the Arts – Drama, Dance, Music, Writing and possibly other creative areas.

It is a practical course that has to be backed up with written course work.