Key Stage 3 & 4

ICT delivery@key stage 3

ICT3Assessment at Key Stage 3 involves students initially being taken through a series of ICT skills based lessons, followed by practise exercise. In order to check that students have learnt key skills in each application there is an on line based assessment to provide feedback to staff and students on their progress. Finally at the end of each module, there will is an assessment that contributes to the students ICT ROA.

Students are also encouraged to evaluate their own and a peers work in order to improve the students of their ICT work.As students progress in KS3 the aim is that the ICT modules become more complex, and demand from students a greater degree of autonomy in their use and selection of ICT tools and software to meet the task set to them.

In year 7 students begin the term by developing their use of Microsoft Word to create a range of documents. Following this module they will develop and extend their skill in the use of Microsoft PowerPoint. Students are taught how to use the Internet and are given lessons on how to use their own dedicated email account. The year-ends with the students being taught how to use a range of graphics software to support the use of ICT within the technology department.

In year 8 students begin the term developing their understanding of how to create web pages and sites. Following this they learn how to search the Internet effectively and learn about bias and checking the validity of information gathered. Students will extend their programming skills through the use of Logo, and presentation skills through the use of DTP related software (Microsoft Publisher). Students also learn how to create their own questionnaire database using (Pinpoint) to answer a specific hypothesis and present their findings. They also learn to use Microsoft Excel to help them make numerical decisions.

In year 9 students begin the term by developing their use of a technical drawing package (2D Design). In year 9, students extend their use of spreadsheets, database/Internet techniques and logo programming through a use of smaller projects and ultimately in the context of a major project. The major project encourages students to work as part of a team and to make careful choices on the most suitable software to meet a specified need.

ICT delivery@key stage 4

Assessment at Key Stage 4 involves all students be entered for the GCSE short course in ICT (Edexcel). The course is assessed in two ways:

  1. Completion of two best pieces of coursework
  2. A 1 hour exam (mulitple choice and short answers)

Students can be entered either to the foundation level (grade C-F) or a higher level (grade A-C)

Students will learn web design techniques using Macromedia software (web and graphic design suite) Microsoft FrontPage. Thye will learn the principles of planning, designing, implementing and finally evaluating a website for an end user.

The second project involves students developing a solution to meet the data handling needs of an end user. The students will apply their relational database skills (Microsoft Access)