Key Stage 3

Students follow a series of ICT based lessons, followed by practical exercise.

IctAs students progress in KS3 the aim is that the ICT modules become more complex, and demand from students a greater degree of autonomy in their use and selection of ICT tools and software to meet the task set to them.

They will be able to use Microsoft Word to create a range of documents and extend their work using Microsoft Power Point.

All students are able to use the Internet and e-mail. During their work in KS3 they will use Logo and DTP related software.

As they progress they will develop their understanding of how to create web pages and will develop their use of a technical drawing package called 2D Design.

Berton Woods acknowledges, values and encourages the power of ICT to enable students to improve learning in all subject areas. In addition, the school believes that the careful use of ICT will promote and support:

  • The preparation of teaching and creating high quality resources across the curriculum
  • The improvement of standards in literacy and numeracy objectives.
  • The potential provision to meet the individual needs and abilities of each student.
  • the assessment, recording and reporting student progress.
  • improved communication within the school via the use of Internet, video conferencing and e-mail
  • The use of the INTERNET and school INTRANET as a learning tool for delivering ICT skill based lessons and to store educationally relevant web sites.