Welcome to the informational website of Berton Woods Community

Why are they here

To provide educational support for children who are partially sighted or blindschool

What do they do

Enable pupils with visual impairment to have access on equal terms to all curriculum experiences and opportunities.

Work with the LEA, schools and parents/carers to assess and meet the needs of this diverse minority group.

Ensure pupils with visual impairment can be educated wherever possible in a local placement appropriate to their needs.
Benefits of their service

A Service which provides a team of teachers who are additionally qualified in visual impairment and a team of LSAs who are experienced in the field of visual impairment. This means that the Service can respond quickly and effectively to any given situation and provide:-

Advice on eye condition and its implication for education
Advice on teaching strategies, materials and equipment
Production of enlarged, brailled materials, as appropriate
INSET both general and specific for school staff, parents and Governors
They aim to provide a quality service by:

Providing up-to-date information for schools on a regular basis. Annual Reviews are attended to monitor and advise on student’s progress.
Regular meetings held between the Team Co-Ordinator and staff to monitor the work and progress of pupils.
Staff attendance at courses to update knowledge and to keep up with new initiatives, e.g. literacy, numeracy.

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